About the designer

 Marikarine Marika Jérome Designer

Marika Jérome was born and raised in Paris in a family working in luxury fashion & accessories: creating and playing with elements is not only a passion, it is in her DNA!

After having worked in different fields such as photography, events organisation, marketing, Marika went back to her roots: flirting with fashion! Creating jewellery made her feel home again.

Living since over a decade, for family reasons, in the Swiss German part of Switzerland, Marika is missing the French & Parisienne elegance: "creating my jewellery is what brings me closer to my roots, my family... a certain natural elegance".

Working around a fine gold plated chain, Marika gets her inspiration from new but mostly vintage elements collected from flea markets, car boot sales and other market stalls around the globe: most of the pieces created are, therefore sold in very LIMITED EDITIONS.